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Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

How to choose a program

Click on the image to go to more program details.

At program details page each image represents  topics covered in the program. View these as they will represent what  you will receive. A program index may be included.

Links will be active, once you make payment, allowing you to read the resources.

Check out the presenter’s bio in the program details section.

When our catalogue increases use the search facility at the top of the page.

How to access program

You will receive the program link and password directly after payment.

If this does not occur within 24 hrs please contact Denise Stewart at the address at the top of the page.

Your access will be active for 12 months after purchase. If you require additional time to access the information, save your Program to pdf and then save to your computer. Your pdf documet including images and link access will remain active, however you will lose access to the customized video material.

Can I get a refund

Because it is a digital file, it can not be returned. Please request more information from Denise Stewart to help you make a confident choice before purchase.

If you have suggestions to help improve customer satisfaction, please message Denise Stewart.


What you need, to view the programs

This is an internet based platform and will require you to have sufficient download capactity to view items, especially the video material.

If you are able to access Youtube easily then your internet speed should be suitable.

The video quality can be reduced at the settings symbol at the video screen.

How best to engage in self paced learning

You have two options:

  • Binge view
  • View in sessions

Times for most tasks are set to allow you to arrange your viewing method. Times for viewing research papers has not been set as there are way too many variables for this task.

If the program is especially extensive, then it may be best to decide on a set time to engage in regular viewing each week.


Can I share the program with my colleagues

Please respect the presenter’s time and committment to education  and health for consumers by not sharing the password to your colleagues.

Videos developed specifically for program content are owned by the presenter and it is expected that your purchase entitles you to personal use only and therefore not be shared.

You will receive links to publicly accessible research abstracts and papers.  There are no restrictions in how you choose to share these links.