This boutique collection of GOLD programs for healthcare workers and consumers is just beginning. 

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Benefits for viewers:

  • Avoid hassles of “search time”
  • Affordable
  • Simple and engaging platform to navigate
  • Compatible with your available study time
  • Helpful for directing future CPD or health study.
  • View programs across a number of health backgrounds
For health professionals who require accredited CPD, please note our GOLD programs are not accredited  with professional associations unless arranged by presenter. You can understand the enormity of this task, and by not standardly arranging accreditations  saves costs to the consumer. 

Benefits for presenters:

 Share your love of research and translation to clinical practice.

  • Create your online program with a viewer friendly platform from GOLD programs 4health.
  • Share your online program without the costs of travel away from home + work.
  • Create a range of lower cost programs with GOLD programs 4health for viewers to choose from.
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As the program developer and owner, you will be responsible to your customer for information delivered, refunds as well as program fees. You will be responsible for providing reliable and safe information, inclusive of necessary warnings.

MISSION: Provide engaging topical health and recovery information from multidisciplinary fields of practice. 

View a GOLD program 4health now and see how the platform can inspire your learning: with easy access to a range of online resources, covering a range of                                                                           health care areas. Copy and paste the password before you click on the image and transfer to the program.

Passwords are used for each program. Please respect our commitment to copyright  and unique ownership protection and do not share GOLD program 4health                                                                                     passwords. Presenter videos are protected against sharing only as long as you do not share the program link and password. 

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Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Program Curator: Denise Stewart

Read a wide selection of research papers investigating mood, epilepsy and GIT inflammation intervention with tens vagus n. stimulation. 

Cost: $10     * Program is available for FEEE until June 30 2018

Copy and paste password: vagusear

Click on image (left) to go to the Gold program.


Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Summit 2017

Program Presenter: Denise Stewart

See how easy (and colourful) it is to view a number of video training programs on one screen

Cost: $0                    To Bring the entire program to your website: $100 

Copy and paste password: greatleadersinwomenshealth

Click on image (left) to go to the Gold program.


Sales from GOLD programs 4health will be directed to the presenters- just like at your local art and craft gallery.