R5,984.40 excluding gst

WHEN: October 2nd and 9th  ( Saturdays) 2021

Time: 8.30- 4.30

WHERE: 3 Beatson Tce Alderley, Brisbane 

A  practical workshop for health professionals interested in helping breast cancer survivors better manage common impairments such as shoulder pain and restricted arm reach.

This will be suited to health professionals who have a scope of practice that involves massage or soft tissue interventions.

This workshop will focus on assessments to develop a treatment plan vs assessments used in research to evaluate changes in dysfunction. Treatments will be very specific to tight scar and adhesions-  therefore will be applicable to mastectomy scar, lumpectomy, seroma, and cording.

Both days will offer small group practice of assessment and treatments covered. I will work to have clients at these sessions who will have common breast cancer-related impairments.

REFUND POLICY: If you have received the link for the Modules there will be a service/product cost of $180.


Workshop participants will learn the following skills specific to breast cancer impairments:

  • Arm to Ear Test and Reach Out the Back Test
  • Determine the difference between muscle and scar/ adhesion impairments
  • Use palpation skills to determine the best location and type of treatment to use for common impairments*
  • Use of methods suitable for breast cancer survivors: fascia release, scar barrier release, trigger point (serratus ant + teres), adapted cupping
  • Treatment planning around breast cancer medical interventions

EARLY BIRD REWARD: Make full payment before September 2nd 2021 and you will receive access to Module 1 and Module 2 at no extra charge.

REFUND POLICY: If you have received the link for the Modules there will be a service/product cost of $180.

These modules offer active links to the extensive research which underpins the need for impairment vs dysfunction assessment and the testing demonstrated at the workshop.

I believe that by undertaking the study of these Modules – the workshop will be less overwhelming and therefore foster better learning outcomes for you and your potential clients.

  • mastectomy + lumpectomy scars and adhesions,
  • seroma
  • cording
  • axillary lymph node linear scar + dissection bed adhesions

To keep the workshop fee down, you will be asked to bring your own meals.







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