Starter Pack MINUS the Modules

$650.00 excluding gst

Are you looking for a quick start to providing services to help people recover from common impairments after breast cancer surgery and radiotherapy?
Maybe you already have sound evidenced based knowledge of the upper body physical impairments experienced by breast cancer survivors; then you may not need to review a summary of the literature that supports the need for a new approach to upper-body assessment and treatments which is what Modules 1& 2 covers.
Purchase the Starter Pack MINUS Modules and receive access to:
4- 6 online and live small group sessions*: Total of 6 hours. This will include homework tasks and valuable feedback on your video submissions, and an opportunity for specific case feedback during the live sessions.
Revision and Extension Series: Total 5 – 6 hours. These modules are a selection of a 2021 research review to support both assessment and treatment methods learned in the online/ workshop training.
How to Use Reach-Out-The-Back test: Total 1 hour online resources
Discounted Cost:  (excluding your rental/ purchase pressure device): $650
* Dates for these sessions will be advised.


If you are an Australian participant, you will receive a post pack with: a) treatment buddy for muscle tension release b) a glass cup used for adapted cupping.

The online live sessions require you to rent or purchase a hand pressure recording device. Training with this device will develop your hands-on skills off the body- which means that you can develop consistency without the reliance on having a practice buddy, as commonly used in face to face workshops.

Download the online training options here (pdf)




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