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There is no gold standard treatment method to reduce the short and long term impacts of Axillary Lymph Node Dissection on the individual receiving this surgery to manage breast cancer.

Review the evidence behind short and long term impairments linked to ALND.

Denise Stewart presents five assessments linked to these impairments that can be used in a clinical setting. These tests can be used to establish the severity of impairments and then assist in the treatment plan for the individual.

In this MODULE you will see how I use the ROTB test in seated – this is ow I have adapted assessments to online telehealth service delivery.

Treatment methods are offered; benchmark your clinical practices to those used by Denise Stewart or identify the methods that you may be interested in learning more about. These treatment methods are innovations and as yet are not tested by research- hence the need for retesting, recording  and evaluating your clinical results ( in the assessment section!)






On payment, you will receive a PDF with the PADLET link and password. Once the password has been used n your device- it will not be needed again.

The PADLET LINK will remain active for 2 years- download the printable resources prior to this date.

This link and the resources are for your PERSONAL USE only – not to share with others.

You will receive:

  1. Videos totalling 70 mins
  2. Demonstrating how the ROTB test is performed in seated position
  3. Key evidence behind the impairments, supporting testing and treatment innovations
  4. Gifts to you and your patients- One-page instructions on the use of treatments that can be used in the clinic or selected by therapists for use in self-care instructions for selected patients.


There is no REFUND once the link for the PADLET resource has been sent upon payment.

If you chose to enrol in the ONLINE &LIVE sessions with Denise Stewart, you can connect and receive a $50 discount for your course.




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