Personalized Comprehensive Starter Pack: Online Learning

$1,000.00 excluding gst

Purchase Modules 1&2  and 6 online private training sessions* and you will receive large discounts on the post-workshop resources: How to Use the ROTB test, and Revision and Extension Series.
Discounted Cost for the Personalized Comprehensive Starter Pack (excluding your rental/ purchase pressure device); $1,100 ( inclusive of Australian GST)
There continues to be very low health knowledge and care pathways among health professionals and breast cancer survivors, regarding hands-on assessment and safe and effective treatments for upper body impairments.
This collection will direct your learning to the specific assessments and treatments that address the most common upper body impairments that a large percentage of people after breast cancer can experience.
* Session availability with time zone match times will be advised


To purchase these customized clinician resources individually:
     Individual Online & Live 6hour sessions*: $990
                                              Modules 1&2:   $242
                       How to Use ROTB package:   $150
                      Revision & Extension Series:   $265
                        Total (10% gst included^) :  $1647
    Discounted TOTAL:(10% gst included): $1100
* excluding pressure device hire or purchase
^ GST is only payable by Australian purchasers and will be automatically deducted for international purchasers
Why choose the Personalized Comprehensive Starter Pack?
The live sessions with Denise will be one on one, which means that your learning can be targeted to your needs.
Choose from the timezone match times to schedule 4-6 sessions to suit your workweek.
I’ve spent hundreds of hours finding and reviewing relevant literature to create the Modules and the Revision and Extension series. Both of these resources will back up the skills learned in the online live sessions.
This means that you may spend an additional 10-15 hours reviewing research and literature highlights that I’ve collated. I’ve selected the information that will enrich your assessment and treatment services and planning for breast cancer survivors.
The resource How to Use ROTB test is included in this pack and has all you need to know about how to use this test for assessment and treatment. I’ve spent years developing and refining this test, and I want to share this with you to fast track your use of this test in your clinical practice. It’s all at one easy to use location, so you can come back to it quickly and often.
Purchase the starter pack and you will receive a huge discount compared to purchasing each training resource separately.


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