Manual therapy prior to expander for breast reconstruction

$160.00 excluding gst

A learning opportunity where you view an experienced therapist, Stella Maris Glowinski, providing manual treatment to her patient who is preparing for breast reconstruction, following mastectomy (skin and nipple sparing).

This program offers:

  1. For experienced breast cancer rehab therapists to bench mark your manual treatments for breast cancer related scar + adhesions against a very experienced therapist.
  2. Therapists new to the field of breast cancer rehabilitation to Identify new manual techniques to investigate further.
  3. The opportunity to translate these manual therapy techniques, used by Stella Maris Glowinski in post breast cancer, to other patients with similar medical conditions (eg cancer of head, neck and scars in other soft tissue locations).

Radiation and post mastectomy deep scar tissue can result in mechanical limitations to breast expander effectiveness. Stella Maris Glowinski, a massophysiotherapist from Rome, Italy presents her innovative treatment of tightness in soft tissues following mastectomy. The aim of therapy being to achieve best possible circulation and stretch in the tissues prior to expander surgery.

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This program is suited to health professionals with training in massage, oncology care and soft tissue rehabilitation.

This GOLD program includes:

  • Video demonstration of a full treatment (1 session) using hand massage for scar and adhesions at the chest wall.
  • Video demonstration of a full treatment (1 session) using negative pressure (a manual milk suction device)
  • Video demonstration of exercises used in a standard treatment plan for patients preparing for breast reconstruction surgery.
  • Photos and brief guides to performing at least 8 manual massage techniques (pdf)
  • Q& A with Stella Maris Glowinski (pdf)
  • Two recent scientific papers (full free access pdf) describing the current medical use of expanders.


The video is a total of 13 mins. Zoom in editing feature allows for clear vision of hand and finger actions, skin and tissue stretch.

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About Stella Maris Glowinski

This is the first time Stella’s work has become available to English speaking countries.

Stella works as a private masso-physiotherapist therapist in Rome, Italy where most of her patients are breast cancer survivors seeking support in their recovery. Her experience is both with early physiotherapy intervention post surgery aswell as ongoing physical management for long term breast cancer survivors. Stella has post graduate training in lymphatic massage (Foldi & Vodder) and soft tissue release techniques.

The work presented here is innovative and as yet does not have research investigating the outcomes of these techniques for reconstruction after breast cancer.

All captions and responses by Stella Maris Glowinski have been translated from Italian to English using Google translate. Some incorrect grammar or wording may exist due to this process.



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