Manual therapy after expander surgery: breast cancer

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A learning opportunity where you view Stella Maris Glowinski, an experienced massophyical therapist from Rome, providing manual treatment to her breast cancer patient following surgery to insert expander, in preparation for breast reconstruction.

Stella demonstrates her physical treatment for:

  1. Seroma
  2. Shoulder muscle impairments
  3. Scar tissue and adhesions
  4. Implant capsular management

These innovative techniques have been developed in Stella’s private practice based on her extensive experience and private research. There is no research, at present, of these specific techniques used for this medical condition although promising pilot study of taping for seroma is available to view.

This program offers:

  1. For experienced breast cancer rehab therapists to bench mark your manual treatments for breast cancer related scar + adhesions, seroma management, against a very experienced therapist.
  2. Therapists new to the field of breast cancer rehabilitation to Identify new manual techniques to investigate further.
  3. The opportunity to translate these manual therapy techniques, used by Stella Maris Glowinski in post breast cancer, to other patients with similar medical conditions (eg cancer of head, neck and scars in other soft tissue locations).


This program is suited to therapists with a background in massage, physical rehabilitation, oncology, lymphoedema and use of dynamic taping.

The program has:

  1. Demonstration of assessment of soft tissues of the shoulder and chest region after expander surgery (video)
  2. Demonstration of lymphatic massage for the treatment of a fluid filled seroma.(video)
  3. Demonstration of mastectomy linear scar treatment.
  4. Demonstration of massage technique used to reduce inflammation at the soft tissues surrounding expander: as a strategy to manage capsular formation.
  5. Demonstration of innovative lymphtaping method for management of seroma
  6. Demonstration of exercises used in post expander recovery.
  7. Q&A with Stella, using Google translate, to understand more about her experience with this treatment approach.
  8. Links to selected research publications and publications related to seroma, expanders, dynamic taping for seroma and breast reconstruction.

The videos total  29 mins and demonstrates Stella’s treatment of a patient with seroma post expander surgery, in the early stages of their recovery.

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About Stella Maris Glowinski

Stella Maris Glowinski works in her own private practice, in Rome, Italy, where the majority of her patients are breast cancer survivors at varying stages of recovery. Stella Maris Glowinski is a Massophysiotherapist with additional training and experience: lymphoedema treatment since 1997 (Vodder and Foldi trained), dynamic taping for musculo- skeletal and lymphatic conditions and psychological care for cancer patients. Stella has published articles on oncology rehab since 2003 and has recently developed a face to face workshop (in Italian only) to share her knowledge and skills.

This is the first time Stella’s work has become available to English speaking countries.





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