Level 1 USA pilot workshop: Salinas CA


DATE: May 16th- 17th  2020

WHERE: Montage Wellness Center, 1910 North Davis Road, Salinas, CA 93907

COST:  Fee is discounted* for USA attendees         

Breast cancer-related impairments are predominantly under the skin and because of the limitations in medical imaging, therapists require training in both assessment and treatment modalities. This workshop will provide training in assessment and rehabilitation treatment methods for common impairments after mastectomy or breast-conserving therapy.


Therapists will become familiar with the potential for rehabilitation services, other than lymphoedema services, to reduce common impairment burdens experienced by breast cancer survivors. *This May 2020 workshop is a new business project conducted by Denise Stewart. Meeting with health professionals in this way will serve to investigate future business & training services required by USA health professionals to deliver rehabilitation services to breast cancer survivors. The fee represents a means of providing expenses only to the workshop trainer.

Bank fees may be expected with international money transfer or currency changes.

International Bank Transfer of USD $200 can be arranged by connecting with Denise Stewart by email.  



1. Online references and links to resources will be received prior to the workshop.

2. Hands-on training sessions (10:1 ratio) with practice sessions with both participants and volunteers with breast cancer (at a max of 10:1) over 2 days.

3. Participants will learn to examine and evaluate immediate changes following treatment to common post- breast cancer impairments.


Connect with Denise Stewart to receive the brochure and bank transfer details: deniseot@bigpond.net.au



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