LEVEL 1 ONLINE & LIVE WITH DENISE: Supporting best recovery after breast cancer

$500.00 excluding gst

LEVEL 1 will focus on the basic skills for providing upper body rehabilitation for breast cancer survivors.

Learn how to improve arm range and ease of movement as well as lymphatic flow by reducing barriers at local soft tissues. I will share the Assess, Treat and Reassess method I use in every oncology rehab appointment with my patients. Whether it is a 20 min, 30 min or 45 min session, this method allows you to check the effectiveness of your chosen treatments immediately.

Treating these common surgical and radiotherapy impairments to mastectomy or lumpectomy will be covered:

  • Post-mastectomy & lumpectomy scars and adhesions that limit movement
  • Cording ( AWS) 
  • Seroma
  • Secondary muscle bracing and scapula dysfunction


Treatment methods covered in this course:

  1. Barrier Release Method (skin adhesions, scars and muscle shortening)
  2. Low-intensity PIR  for hypertonus of shoulder muscles
  3. Adapted cupping (negative pressure) 

You will receive:

  • Access to FIVE weekly live sessions (up to 2 hours)  in a small group, using Zoom; plus view or download the recording.
  • Summaries of evidence-based reading materials with research links (2 ebooks-  70 pages each)
  • Links to assessment resources
  • Training in the use of ARM to EAR test, REACH OUT THE BACK test and MAP-BC to help decide the top 3 locations for a single treatment session.
  • Instructions for hands-on treatment methods using pressure ranges as used by Denise Stewart in clinical practice
  • Opportunities for reviewing your new practical skills and clinical reasoning by way of your own case study presentations.

There will be no guessing about the pressure and timing of hands-on methods. Learn the light touch methods I use for the release of soft tissue barriers will be gained by you practising with the STANDARD TOUCH (R) pressure device at your table while attending the Zoom meetings and over the rental period of 5-8 weeks.  

RENTAL of Standard Touch Device for 2 months s required by each participant and can be arranged here.

Allow 2 weeks for shipping. You will be responsible for return shipping.


This course will suit Allied Health Professionals, massage therapists, lymphoedema therapists.

” I use the Reach out the Back test with all my breast cancer patients “


Kate Perkins -OT and Lymphoedema therapist

REFUND POLICY: If you have received the link for the Modules there will be a service/product cost of $180. Once the course has started there will be no refund.




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