Inverted nipple: treatment following breast reconstruction

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Surgical intervention to the structures under the nipple can result in inelasticity of the nipple, seen as an inverted nipple. Lymphatics of the breast may be also be impaired. Stella Maris Glowinski presents her method to manage these side effects following breast cancer reconstruction surgery with nipple sparing and suture of nipple.

As clinicians we rarely get to see how experienced therapists work with their patient; Stella offers viewers this opportunity by demonstrating her treatment with her patient

Therapists can use this GOLD program to:

  1. Learn a new manual treatment by watching how an experienced therapist treats post surgical inverted nipple; if you are new to breast cancer rehabilitation.
  2. Benchmark your own method against Stella Maris Glowinski – a skilled and very experienced breast cancer rehabilitation therapist in Italy; if you are experienced in breast cancer rehabilitation.
  3. Translate this method of treatment for post surgical scar tissue to other similar medical conditions ( eg head and neck cancer).

Suited to health professionals with a training background in massage, rehabilitation, oncology and lymphoedema.



New breast reconstruction surgery methods following breast cancer are being developed by skilled surgeons. Therapists dedicated to breast cancer rehabilitation are continually investigating new methods to manage the side effects experienced by some patients. You can view the treatment approach of Stella Maris Glowinski, a masso-physiotherapist, working in Rome, Italy. Stella works closely with surgeons using new surgical approaches to breast reconstruction, to provide physical therapy to improve outcomes for the patients.

In this training program, you will see:

  1. A photo of the nipple sparing during surgery(with areola staples) which offers a better understanding of potential impairments to lymphatics and connective tissues.
  2. Demonstration of Lymphatic massage of the breast using clearance of each quadrant (video).
  3. Demonstration of manual massage methods for the inverted areola and nipple.(video)
  4. Demonstration of negative pressure techniques for the inverted areola and nipple.(video)
  5. Questions and answers pdf to know about Stella’s thoughts on timeframes plus more.
  6. Selected public access videos and research papers to undertand current views regarding new breast reconstruction surgery where the nipple is saved.

The video is a total of 12.41mins and demonstrates Stella’s treatment of a patient with inverted nipple, in the early stages of recovery.

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About Stella Maris Glowinski

Stella Maris Glowinski works in her own private practice, in Rome, Italy, where the majority of her patients are breast cancer survivors at varying stages of recovery. Stella Maris Glowinski is a Massophysiotherapist with additional training and experience: lymphoedema treatment since 1997 (Vodder and Foldi trained), dynamic taping for musculo- skeletal and lymphatic conditions and psychological care for cancer patients. Stella has published articles on oncology rehab since 2003 and has recently developed a face to face workshop (in Italian only) to share her knowledge and skills.

This is the first time Stella’s work has become available to English speaking countries.




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