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This testing method changed the way I help breast cancer survivors recover after surgery and radiotherapy; I use this test every time with my patients.

ROTB testing enables the therapist to pinpoint the location and the severity of common impairments at the skin, the superficial layer and then the deep soft tissue layers- which means better clinical decisions about which impairment to treat in a treatment session. ROTB testing can be a core service in lymphoedema and breast cancer recovery service delivery.

If you are using standard flexion and abduction testing and finding it difficult to know where to begin to help your patient with arm movement restrictions- then ROTB test will increase the information that you can gather in a quick and very low-cost way.

If you are great at self-paced learning and want a method of assessing the location and severity of breast cancer upper- body impairments, then choose this online module.


You will receive a single URL to a password protected PADLET. Once the password is added you will have access to the training material for 2 years. Printable resources can be downloaded.

This link and the resources are for your PERSONAL USE only – not to share with others.

The PADLET has:

  1. Three videos (total 28 mins) demonstrating the key features behind this test.
  2. A new video ( 13 mins) demonstrating a seated ROTB testing method for use in virtual video consults.
  3. Key pieces of evidence to support the use of this test
  4. A PDF rubric to evaluate your testing method
  5. A PDF guide of three different ways to record your results
  6. A single page reminder of ROTB test for you and your patients/clients
  7. How I incorporate MAP-BC  with ROTB testing in the clinic to improve impairment assessment.

There is no REFUND for this product.

If you choose to participate in the ONLINE & LIVE SESSIONS after purchasing this product, connect with Denise to receive a link for a $50 discount to my course. This discount will not be transferred to the rental fee from Standard Touch (R).






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