Dynamic Taping: Research review for health practitioners

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Curator: Denise Stewart

Dynamic taping refers to the range of coloured low adhesive tapes applied with varying tension to the skin. This program offers a comprehensive selection of research abstract, papers (only free access), video interviews with the Kinesiotape developer,  application guides (Youtube links), product warnings and links to product purchase. 

Suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners who use manual therapy.


Kinesiotape (R), developed by Dr Kenso Kase, has been used predominantly in research to evaluate changes in normal subjects and subjects with medical conditions. This program will refer to the term dynamic taping, as there are now many more brands of tape. 

The use of dynamic tape as a therapy requires both a high level of assessment skills to identify the patient’s dysfunction and sound clinical reasoning regarding the tape application method. By understanding the current evidence, practitioners can provide researched and recommended protocols and go on to develop new application protocols.

This collection of resources will enable a beginner level practitioner to decide whether dynamic taping could be introduced as a new treatment method for their clinical practice. This program offers the practitioner the opportunity to evaluate research study protocols and subject groups, allowing for consideration as to how the evidence is related to your patient’s needs.This program can also assist a beginner level therapist to decide on CPD future actions such as:  face to face training, purchase manuals.

This research + resources review offers link access to 10 abstracts and 20 full free PDF access and a selection of Youtube videos. For intermediate and advanced level practitioners, this comprehensive collection of recent research links will enable you to review your method ( benchmark)  against research protocols and protocols presented by other experienced therapists. Review the latest issues regarding scapula dysfunction available in the program and then take some additional time to review your clinical reasoning for shoulder taping.

Program Index

  1. Systematic reviews
  2. Purchase options
  3. Changes on healthy subjects
  4. Oedema management 
  5. Pain management: seated workers, active trigger points, tendonitis, pregnancy, OA
  6. Dynamic taping for CVA shoulders, hands
  7. Interviews with Kenso Kase
  8. Shoulder taping guides
  9. Shoulder assessment update
  10. Contraindications, safe tape removal

Denise Stewart uses dynamic taping as an adjunct treatment for patients with lymphoedema, scapula dysfunction and postural dysfunction. Denise is a private Occupational Therapist in Australia with nearly 10 years experience using dynamic taping and 3 decades of experience treating people with problematic shoulders.
Dynamic Taping  for health practitioners


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