Breast Cancer Rehabilitation: Module 1 & Module 2 (3 person access)

$660.00 $330.00 excluding gst

Study the material with your colleagues and SAVE dollars by purchasing both Modules together. This is a special offer for 3 persons buying a package together. Will suit a cancer care clinic or center with any of the following health practitioners: physical therapist, occupational therapist, breast care nurse and massage therapist.

The information in each module,1 and 2, is unique and does not repeat assessments.

Gathering assessment data about the impairments will direct your treatment approach for the patient.



Read the details of  Module 1 and Module 2

Receive  Links and password for both Modules once payment is processed: for three persons.

Save the link and password information within an email to yourself and then you have easy search and  link access.


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