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Research has identified N-V tension and impairments are a problematic late side- effect for breast cancer survivors, however, the effectiveness of specific conservative rehab testing methods and treatments have received little attention.

In this contact workshop, you will:

  1. Review key pieces of research literature.
  2. Learn why care for the n-v system is important after breast cancer treatments.
  3. Practise several assessments to evaluate their suitability to this client population.
  4. Review a range of different approaches to reduce n-v tension and consider the pros and cons for this population.
  5. Practice two methods that are within the scope of practice for oncology rehab therapists and lymphoedema therapists.
  6. Discuss risk assessment, timeframes and self- care.
  7. Receive recommendations for additional CPD in N-V release



This introductory workshop will enable therapists to expand their knowledge and practice in care for the neuro-vascular system of the upper body: the neck, chest, shoulder and arm.

This workshop will be an intense speed date with your own n-v system: palpation and positioning will be practised on your own body while considering the likely locations and means of nerve impingement and fibrosis associated with breast cancer treatments.

The skills and knowledge learned in this introductory session can be:

  1. Considered for use within your clinical practice as a screening service to refer on to another n-v service provider.
  2. Incorporated into a lymphoedema treatment session
  3. Used in a pain management approach following breast cancer surgery and radiotherapy
  4. Used to select further studies in this area of practice.

DATE: Monday 17th May 2021    TIME: 1pm- 4.30

LOCATION:  Alderley, Brisbane



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