GOLD programs rely on experts

in their field of work to:


Curate content 

Guide consumers, 

in health knowledge development.


Innovators and educations spend a lot of time collecting great information

Across the world, innovators and educators are continuously researching and studying assessments or interventions that may offer promise for complementary health care. In the marketplace, health practitioners can place value on knowledge and skills that match their service delivery. Factors such as professional compliance, market competition and better servicing their client’s needs are important.

GOLD programs 4health offers a cost effective way of connecting complementary health practitioners to innovators and educators. Using the GOLD 4health workspace, innovators and educators can readily create online learning programs to share their evidence based visions and practices. 

Program presenters and curators will receive the income from sales of their programs and health practitioners will receive affordable CPD online programs.

Extending this site to offer consumer GOLD 4health programs is a natural extension of the talents of the educators and innovators who join this program. Connecting national and international innovators and educators with consumers by the means of a GOLD program 4health is an exciting prospect.



What does a GOLD program curator mean.

Just like an art curator, a GOLD program curator brings together a collection of online resources that can help the reader achieve a deeper knowledge about a specific topic. An example is a collection of research papers and resources for a new treatment method. This program can help “beginner” therapists investigate the potential of a new treatment methods for their practice. For intermediate and advanced practitioners, this program may be used save search time, to review current research.  The curator’s program will be placed on the workspace selected by GOLD programs 4health.

What does a GOLD presenter mean.

The GOLD presenter is the developer and owner of the online program. They use the workspace chosen by GOLD programs 4health and modern educational principles to develop their training program. The program material is owned by the presenter. Selected references and evidence links should be included to increase viewer’s evaluation of the health topic.

Why use the workspace suggested by GOLDprogram 4health

After studying a range of current online educational training platforms, I believe that the platform needs to open and easy; with the least amount of information hiding behind words,images or buttons.  Additionally, once the viewer is familiar and comfortable with a workspace, then they may not be as hesitant when considering future programs using the same workspace. The workspace I have chosen is Padlet as it is ticks many boxes. Try the free program at GOLD program page available to see how easy it is.

What should you do next if being a presenter with GOLD programs 4health sounds interesting

A GOLD program: Developing Online Content, is available for presenters interested in collaborating with GOLD 4Health. Connect with Denise to discuss your GOLD program 4health ideas.

Worried about not being skilled at online technology and still want to be able to share with people across the country?

No problems, the programs selected can allow you to develop online content.  This is a very important component of GOLD programs 4health. Ask for the help you need and we can discuss your best training needs to produce your online GOLD 4health program.

Where  can you advertise your GOLD program 4health?

You have the freedom to advertise and market your program as you choose.  For every sale you will incur the Stripe transaction fee and your agreed GOLD program 4health fee.  

What does your fee to the GOLD program 4health go towards?

You will receive advice about: styles of presenting your program, advice re video quality,  check your program links, assist in uploading videos and setting privacy settings, place your program and details on the shop page and offer marketing materials for your use.


What is STRIPE payment system and why is it used?

You need to do your own evaluation for using this fee payment system and the GOLD program 4 health. It has been chosen for the features of being great for the shopper experience, is available in 25 countries (see here),  has fees associated with each sale (no monthly charges) and allows for domestic and international sales, and fee payment to be set up manually or automatically. GOLD programs 4health will operate to assist health practitioners to develop their content on one workspace, and then have this program listed at this website. The program will be owned by the presenter/ curator with the sale being processed by their Stripe account.  For every sale you will incur the Stripe sale transaction fee and your agreed GOLD program 4health fee. The timeframe for fee payment will be monthly.

Steps for becoming a GOLD 4 health presenter:

  1. Send your contact details and a message  at the contact page.
  2. Investigate the free GOLD program to see how GOLD 4health programs work.
  3. Request the link to  Developing Online Content (free for serious enquiries)
  4. Submit your program for review and approval  for GOLD 4 health listing.
  5. Open a Stripe account  to receive your sale income.
  6. Negotiate your fee per GOLD programs 4health per sale.

Sale price of programs including relevant taxes and fees from GOLD programs 4health will be the responsibility of program owners: presenters/ curators.

Just like at your local art and craft gallery. 

Your fee charge will be per sale and based on the amount of service provided by GOLDprograms 4health administrator.