Delivering information and services that changes people’s lives is a great honour and service to our communty. 

As an Occupational Therapist, I have worked for 3 decades, as a sole provider, in an emerging health care service, with very few colleagues to collaborate and train with: breast cancer rehab.

My moto in the first decade was to help one more person know about breast cancer rehab. At that time no one else was doing this for breast cancer survivors in my city.

In 2014, I was professionally exhausted and decided I really needed a professional “tribe”. Using Linkedin and online searches, I began connecting with my tribe, in countries across the world

Finding therapists whom I could discuss care strategies with was great for my professional energy and development.

The amazing learning from these connections was by speaking with health professionals from other health backgrounds, who also treated breast cancer survivors, I was able to become a better clinician.



During this time I developed an interest in using social media ( Youtube) to increase awareness of the unmet recovery needs of breast cancer survivors.

I started with learning how to speak more confidently, the tricks of videoing and then started my own Youtube video channel : developing consumer educational material.

My moto was now to help more than one more person get the help they needed to recover.

The brand new Online health summit methodology coming out from USA was used to launch the first Online Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Summit for health professionals.  Forty health professionals from 13 different countries and just asmany professional backgrounds joined with me, to present a week of free access educational material. All presented the latest information from their area of practice: to improve awareness of breast cancer recovery and wellness.  In 2017, fifty presenters offered to collaborate and present online presentations for breast cancer survivors: 3.500 video views  occurred over 7 days.

Creating the online Summit honed my skills in to produce an engaging eductaional product on the lowest budget ever.

With an enormous amount of volunteer time and effort, I learnt new video making skills and  interview and presentation skills with health professionals. And then how to bring a learning product to the online breast cancer community.

Meanwhile, as a health professional I found online CPD services available to me, lacked the creativity and engagement I was used to.

Also my reliance on  search engines to find the relevant research papers on new health topics was time consuming and often frustrating. My thoughts turned to shared work and knowledge that could improve new health topic research and to the bottom line – health services to people in need.

Could  learning, that experienced health practitioners engaged in, be more readily shared to others with less experience?

From participating in online MOOCs programs, Udemy and Craftsy online programs, I discovered a range of online presentation methods and styles. 

Again,  I searched and researched to find a platform and method that be financial sustainable for each party- the consumer and the presenters.

GOLD programs 4health is the result of this extensive study and offers:

  • New cost effective methods of online learning to support heath practitioners in their CPD
  • Online learning programs across health professional backgrounds.
  • Bringing research and  online health programs to the consumers.
  • Training health educators to current ways of guiding viewers to a more active online learning.


GOLD programs 4 health will focus on areas of care provided by allied health professionals  or the new term- complimentary healthcare workers.

Collaboration will make this a great private educational project.

Please connect if this sound like your next journey.

Denise Stewart

B.Occ Thy

“To develop our professional practice we need to

connect with the right educators,

evaluate the best available information and

understand and respect our patient’s needs”