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Improving lives through learning in health and wellness


 Learn from experienced, passionate professionals.


GOLD programs 4health are simple to navigate online, will save time and costs^ and can fast track your personal and professional development*.

^ Time saved in online searches, travel and costs associated with face to face events.

* You are responsible for deciding if a program will meet your registration guidelines and will contribute to your professional development. 


GOLD programs 4health provides a unique learning experience

You evaluate the evidence, view customized video materials and resources for evidenced based practices.
Access a diverse range of programs with a common goal of improving lives: business skills, treatment skills, assessment skills.
Connect with national and international educators who will inspire your professional development.
Participate in a multi disciplinary approach to health care


JOIN the GOLD 4health team as a presenter or curator of a program for health professionals

acute care


Allied health 


chronic care


  Health + wellness


child development


Health + wellness



mental health care

Health + wellness services

professional practice issues




positive health* action


wellness services

* positive health can be more achievable that preventative health, in the short term.

GOLD program 4health video content and links to research  requires internet access. Download free access pdf’s and read at your leisure.



View two free access GOLD programs 4health now.

An extensive selection of Vagus N stimulation research here.

See how videos and online links work with GOLD programs 4health with Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Summit 2017 (selection). 

A place to create and sell: 

for digital presenters and curators

Presenters create, store and sell online training programs for health practitoners  Read more  

Curators create programs using their internet search skills and time. Discover and share the evidence behind specific clinical issues. Read more

A place for new ideas

for health professionals

DIY CPD tracker

Denise Stewart, April 2018 

Recording your CPD should be more than just uploading evidence for registration purposes. 

Learn how to create your own CPD tracker to enhance your learning and professional development and meet APHRA guidelines.

Creative CPD Recording for OT’s

Design and optimize your own CPD tracker for your best professional development 

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

For health professionals and survivors looking for recovery options